Eastling Primary School in Kettle Hill Road

Section 7: Transport and Communications

A bus service runs from Graveney to Faversham, then Painters Forstal, Eastling and Stalisfield. It is most heavily used by schoolchildren - coming from elsewhere (mostly the Faversham direction) to attend Eastling School, and Eastling children going to school in Faversham.

Individual children whose daily journeys to school do not coincide with accessible public transport are provided with a taxi service by the education authority. To the south the service extends no further than Stalisfield.

At times other than when used by schoolchildren, the bus service is limited, not intensively used; it would be uneconomical to provide a more extensive service - for example a "late bus" from Faversham - for the limited number of potential passengers.

The bus service may be useful to Eastling residents employed in Faversham, but is inadequate for making connections to other public transport for those needing to travel further afield.

Otherwise, those without access to their own private transport can use taxis which are available from Faversham, Sittingbourne and Ashford.

Those needing to travel by rail to London need to leave cars at Faversham or Sittingbourne, where car park spaces are rarely readily available.

Eastling has few opportunities for employment, services and facilities, and its public transport provision is limited. Most residents have access to private means of transport, and therefore rely heavily on making trips by private car. Those without access to private cars are very disadvantaged in their freedom and independence of movement, finding access to facilities difficult if not impossible.

At certain times of day, particularly between 8.30 and 9.00 a.m., The Street and parts of Kettle Hill Road are made extremely hazardous by the combination of parents driving children to school, and pedestrians walking with their children.

There are pavements alongside Eastling Road and Otterden Road, but not alongside The Street where the road is narrow and cars are regularly parked. The public footpath leading from The Street towards the church, through the church car park to Kettle Hill Road, is well-used at these times.

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