Section 10: Strategies - Into the Future

Aims to which Eastling could plan are as follows:

Identify possible locations for affordable housing, including conversions of existing buildings;

Continue those existing planning policies which ensure that any necessary development enhances the character of the village;

Encourage the role of Eastling School in the community;

Identify possible locations for public open space/playground;

Enhance the relative attractiveness of the public transport system to encourage its wider use;

Discourage inessential journeys by car; where they are necessary encourage sharing by publicising planned trips to others;

Install a traffic management scheme to provide better safety in The Street and Kettle Hill Road (consider possible reduction in speed limits, traffic lights, chicanes, sleeping policemen etc.);

Develop a strategy for planting hedges and trees of native species to camouflage visual eyesores, enhance the landscape and improve habitats for wildlife;

Develop with local farmers, an open discussion about the appropriate use of agricultural herbicides and pesticides, and the merits of genetically modified crops.


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